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At Adult Care Home Placement Service, we love what we do. We also provide compassionate elder care placement services. 
I want you to know how much I appreciate the time you spent with me. Looking back, I realize that you selected a set of places to visit based on my description of what I hoped to find and my responses to your questions. Then, each time I rejected a place and we discussed the reason, you fine-tuned your selection of the next set of residences. You have obviously been doing this for a long time. I also appreciated that you remembered to ask the questions specific to my mother’s needs. 

- Anonymous

Previously, on my own, I thought I had been careful in my selection of a residence for my mother but it turned out not to be so, leading to considerable expense in time, money, and mom’s disorientation in moving again. Thanks to your careful attention and questions regarding what I hoped to find, and the many residences we visited, this time I know I made the right choice. 

- Lynne J.

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in helping my husband and I find a wonderful place for my 90-year old mother-in-law to live when she moved across country to be near family after being widowed. It was a difficult process but thanks to the guidance of your placement coordinator Theresa Petrillo. She loved her new assisted living apartment as soon as she saw it, but sadly took seriously ill a few weeks after she moved in. When it became apparent that she would not be able to return to her apartment because of her failing health, we turned again to Theresa for help. This time, Theresa used her knowledge of available options and helped us find a wonderful home care, which provided her with everything she needed to live her remaining days as happy and comfortable as we could ever have wished. Thank you again for everything you did for us during this difficult time. You provide a wonderful service.

- Ilene S.

Your easy, friendly, and caring manner helped me to face some pretty scary decisions. You are amazing at your profession. I’m lucky to have had you as a resource these past months.

- Claudia T.

I think you are a very special lady. Bringing flowers to my husband in the home was icing on the cake! You were very considerate of us in every way.

- Marva B.
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